Helping High Achieving Professional Adults Struggling With ADHD

Overcome Distractions

and Get Motivated to Take Action Each Day

Mastermind Workshop With ADHD Coach Cindy Baker

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed and unable to accomplish what you intended?

  • If we know what to do, why don't we do it? How do we get out of our own way?

  • People with undistracted focus know why they get distracted and what to do about it.

  • Are you in control of your attention, or do interruptions and distractions control your time?

  • Do you procrastinate on getting started on tasks?

It's time to Turn Distraction into Purposeful Action!

Inside the Distraction to Action Workshop:

Understanding Motivation

  • Learn what motivates much of our behavior

  • Understand the role that emotion plays in motivation

  • Learn 5 reasons you may be struggling to get motivated and how to overcome them

  • Recognize how the desire to escape discomfort drives motivation

Hacking Back Distraction

  • Deal with the root causes of your distraction

  • Recognize the internal and external triggers that prompt you toward either action or distraction

  • Pick up lots of practical "hacks" for handling external triggers such as interruptions at work, e-mail, chats, meetings, your phone and computer, the Internet, and more

Creating Your Own Roadmap

  • Gain the mindset needed for forward action

  • Learn to schedule according to your values instead of a To-Do list

  • Understand why trying to merely rely on willpower won't work

  • Walk away with your own individualized action plan you can implement that day

3-Hour Interactive Hands-On Workshop on Zoom That Will Give You The Tools You Need to Overcome a Lack of Motivation, Handle Distractions, and Accomplish Your Goals Everyday

Thursday, July 11

9am - 12 noon CDT

Early Bird Price $47.

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